Llama Brew Net Worth 2021

Llama Brew Net Worth

Llama Brew Net Worth 2021: Hey Reader Trend Net Worth Discover Llama Brew Net Worth & Success Story. Llama Brew is a branch that makes trees strong and strong. This Llama Brew Food can be used on any tree. According to the founder’s reports, this Llama Brew net worth is approx $350,000. The founders of … Read more

Qubits Net Worth 2021

Qubits Net Worth

Qubits Net Worth 2021: Hey Viewers Trend Net Worth Discover Construction Block Toy Design Company Qubits Net Worth & Successstory Of Shark Tank. Qubits is a toy brand that makes a toy model that kids can convert into different shapes through their ideas. It is an award-winning toy brand through which kids can invent something … Read more

LipStix ReMix Net Worth 2021

LipStix ReMix Net Worth

LipStix ReMix Net Worth 2021: Hey Reader Trend Net Worth Discover LipStix ReMix Net Worth & Success Story Of Shark Tank. It is a cosmetic product that recreates lipstick without ruining it. This is a very unique product that came in the Shark Tank show which is useful for women. According to a report this … Read more

Benjilock Net Worth 2021

Benjilock Net Worth

Benjilock is a smart lock brand from America, its founder Robbie Cabral is an expert from Advertise. He started this Benjilock in October 2015 in Los Angeles. This smart lock has a fingerprint sensor, through which the user can open the lock with the help of his finger, this Benjilock net worth is estimated at … Read more

Lit Handlers Net Worth

Shark Tank Net Worth 2021

Lit Handlers Net Worth 2021: Lit Handlers Buna, Texas, United States base is a fun beverage coolers with a pocketed handle bag. This product is small bottle it handles cups. This is Handmade Design Pocketed Handle Bags. Lit Handlers Net Worth Estimated $480K in 2021. Its job is to make different products or drinks as … Read more

SoaPen Net Worth

Shark Tank Net Worth 2021

The SoaPen is a colorful soap filled pen product. This product is made for children and has proper hygiene. SoaPen is a unique startup that makes colorful soaps to attract children. The founder got his startup participated in Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 4 and this startup has also got the funding. This SoaPen Net … Read more

Phoozy Net Worth

Shark Tank Net Worth 2021

Phoozy: Thermal Phone Case is its founder, Kevin Conway And Josh Inglis, both of them come from different professon. Kevin is a professional car racer and Josh is a digital marketing expert. Phoozy is a phone case startup, this startup was started in 2017, it was done by Don partner together. Phoozy Net Worth Estimated … Read more

Toilet Timer Net Worth

Shark Tank Net Worth 2021

Katamco Toilet Timer is a unique startup in the designer industry of the Greater Bloomington, Illinois area. This is a kind of unique timer which is dated for some time to spend in the toilet it emits a “poo-crastinator” sound in the toilet to make people feel that. Katamco Toilet Timer Net Worth 2021 Estimated … Read more

Byoot Swimsuits Net Worth

Shark Tank Net Worth 2021

Byoot Swimsuits is a small American base swimsuit manufacturer launched in 2019 by the founders Elyce Billany And Nathan Billany. This product is for swimmers, many swimmers use this product. Byoot Swimsuits Net Worth Estimated $250,000 in 2021. This startup has been featured in season 12 episode 14 of Shark Tank. Byoot Swimsuits Net Worth … Read more

Jada Spices Net Worth

Shark Tank Net Worth 2021

Jada Spices Net Worth 2021: Jada Spices: Chicken Salt is a nutritional production company based in the United States, the founder of this company is Khasha Touloei who is a doctor. Jada Spices is a vegan food alternative. This company has made this salt for vegan people, although anyone can eat it. Jada Spices Net … Read more