TheMagic 5 Net Worth

TheMagic 5 is an American custom fitted swim goggles company that manufactures premium goggles for swimmers. To swim in the sea pond, it is necessary to have a swimming glasses. This TheMagic 5 company of America has fulfilled this need. TheMagic 5 Net Worth Estimated $15 Million in 2021. This is going to be a successful startup. This startup has been featured in Season 13 Episode 4 of Shark Tank. After having the features, it has raised funding.

Success Story Of TheMagic 5

TheMagic 5 is an American company that makes swimming goggles, due to the success of this company, it has premium glasses. Apart from the premium product, the founder of this company has worked very hard to turn this company into a big startup.

This googles is not a simple googles, 3D printing and software have been used to make it. Face-scanning application has been used in this so that everything can be seen correctly while swimming. The reason for the success of this startup goes to its unique idea and concept, as well as the founder’s contribution to it.

TheMagic 5 Net Worth 2021

TheMagic 5 net worth has become $15 million in 2021 after getting funding from Shark Tank. So far, it is the successful swim glasses company that people are very fond of its product. This product is also being sold on Amazon. The price of this product is being found in its official website for $65 – $99. Different designs come in this same product.

NameTheMagic 5
Net Worth (2021)$15 Million *Approx
BusinessCustom Fitted Swim Goggles
EntrepreneurBo Haaber And Rasmus Barfred
Asked For$500,000 For 2.5%
Deals$1 Million For 6.5%
SharkRobert Herjavec
Monthly Income$300,000

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Who Is TheMagic 5 Founders?

Talking about the founder of Millionaire company TheMagic 5, then this company is called Founder Bo Haaber and Co-Founder Rasmus Barfred. The co-founder of this company, Rasmus Barfred, is already running a company named Custom Fit Technologies Startup. Apart from this, he has been the CEO from BTMS P/S company, so he has an idea of ​​how to grow its startup.

There are a total of 5 members in this startup, whose names are Bo Haaber, Rasmus Barfred, and Niklas Hedegaard.

What Is TheMagic 5?

This TheMagic 5 company makes custom fitted swim goggles which can make the user see clear even in water. There are 5 members in this company, so this startup is named from these member numbers. This startup was started in 2017 in Copenhagen Area, Denmark. Seeing this, this company has become a big one today. This company has completed 4 years in 2021.

Shark Tank Investors For TheMagic 5

The founder participated in Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 4 to grow his startup. The founder told his startup about feature planning and problem solving to a member of Shark Tank And to invest in this company, %2.5 share an offer of $500,000. Investor Robert Herjavec invested $1 million in %6.5 shares of this company.

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Looking at the growth of this TheMagic 5 company in these 4 years, it can become a very big company in the coming time.