Mike Yung Net Worth

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Mike Young is an American singer and has performed many concerts at New York City Subway Stations. Mike Yung Net Worth is an estimated $1 million in today’s time. Mike is a great artist and he likes to sing any music in his own style.

In January 2019, in the time of winter, it did a music with guitarist Shunta for 2 hours at the American Subway station. In this way, he has done a lot of music on American Subway station and also he sometimes sings music on Subway station.

One of Mike’s music “Thinking Out Loud” became very popular on YouTube. This music has got 5.5 million views till December 2022.

Mike Yung Net Worth

Mike Yung Net Worth is an estimated $1 million. Mike earns from different sources like music concerts, album selling and many more.

In 2018, Mike launched a campaign on Kickstarter for his debut music “I Will Never Give Up”, with this campaign he raised $89,505.

Before 2019, Mike used to sing at New York subway station and people used to give him some money.

Wealth Growth

Mike Yung’s current net worth is an estimated $1 million. Before 2019, he did not have enough money to launch his own music album.

No information about the wealth report before 2019 is currently available on the internet.

Mike Yung Early Life

Mike was born on November 15, 1960 in a middle class family in New York, New York, United States.

Mike was walking in the journey of becoming a singer since his childhood. He signed with RCA at the age of 14. He did T.Electric with artists like Etta James and Luther Vandross.

Soon he was about to launch his album in collaboration with the music label but that label went bankrupt. Mike’s early life has been full of struggle.

Mike Yung Career

Mike started his music career at the age of 14 and signed a music contract with RCA Records in 1975. But that label was bankrupt due to which Mike’s music career also got closed there.

He went singing in subway busking for 38 years to support his family.

In 2018, Mike raised crowdfunding through a Kickstarter campaign to launch his debut album “I Will Never Give Up”.

He went to America’s Got Talent season 12 as a contestant and became a semi-finalist in it.

Mike Yung Personal Life

Mike’s wife’s name is Lydia and she died in 2018. Mick launched “Dreamer” music as a tribute to his wife.

How Does Mike Yung Spend Her Money?

He re-invests the money he gets from his albums etc. to move forward in his career. He has saved some money to improve his career and lifestyle.


  • Mike’s show in French and Paris was completely sold out.
  • In 2018 Mike collaborated with Dutch DJ/Producer Martin Garrix.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Mike Yung worth?

Mike Yung has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

How old is Mike Yung?

Mike Yung’s age in 2022 is 62 years.

Which is Mike Yung’s debut album?

Mike’s debut album “I’ll Never Give Up” was launched in 2018.


Mike Yung has an estimated net worth of $1 million. In this article, we have updated a lot of information about Mike and his wealth. If you want to know about this type of net worth report, then you can comment on us.