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Larq Net Worth 2021 & Shark Tank Update: Larq California, Base is a water boater company that manufactures UV light Purifi water bottles, its demand is increasing rapidly all over the world. This is a very unique startup which is solving this big problem of eliminating water-related diseases and keeping the water clean. Larq Net Worth Estimated In 2021 $50 million valuation Company. In the coming time, the valuation of this company is going to increase even more.

Larq is a self-cleaning water bottle in which some technology has been used so that the bad thing in the water can be taken out. This water bottle comes in a very cool design with a stylish look which looks quite cool and fancy. Teenage people can carry this bottle with them which will further enhance their stylish look. Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 21 has been featured for Larq Company Funding.

Shark Tank Net Worth 2021

Success Story Of Larq

Larq is a Purifi water bottle that was started in June 2017 by the founder Justin Wang in California. This larq water bottle startup has been very successful in the beginning, there are many people who have changed their lifestyle through this startup.

The founder is solving a huge problem so far through this product, so it is so popular. Larq is a handy bottle that kills 99.99% of bacteria using UV-LED technology, free of any chemicals, scrubbing, compromises etc. It cleans the water in a natural way so that people can get a good water to drink.

This water bottle has a stylish design and is lightweight and can be carried anywhere. The founder has a huge contribution behind its grand success. Justin Wang is the CEO and co-founder of this company.

Justin has studied Bachelor of Arts from the University of California, Berkeley. After completing his studies, the founder worked as an academic research assistant at the University of California. Merriman Curhan Ford & Co. He has worked as an Investment Banking Associate.

The founder used to go out often for work and he used to carry a water bottle with him. He once noticed that something like yellow had solidified in his water bottle which was iron. They thought that such a bottle should be made in which as soon as water is added, it automatically cleans the water without the help of any chemical.

In 2017, when Justin was about to start his own startup, he needed money to make this bottle. He had found $1.3 million through crowdsourcing.

Larq Net Worth

According To Several Report Larq Total Net Worth $50 Million in 2021. It is a very good and successful water bottle brand which gives clean water to the people. So after coming from Shark Tank, he had sold about $ 14 million according to the report of 2021. You can buy its product through Amazon, this product comes in 740 milliliters. The price of this product is $95.00 – $126.21 on Amazon.

Net Worth (2021)$50 Million *Approx
PitchSelf-Cleaning Water Bottle
EntrepreneurJustin Wang
Asked For$500,000 For 1%
Deals$1.5 Million For 4%
SharkKevin O’Leary And Lori Greiner
Monthly Income$1.16 Million

Investors For Larq

Larq is a very premium quality water bottle brand founded by Justin Wang. The founder thought of taking funding to meet his water bottle demand and went to the Shark Tank show season 12 episode 21. He demanded $500,000 in exchange for 1% of his company’s shares, it was going to be huge in the company’s feature. So investors Kevin O’Leary And Lori Greiner signed the deal for $1.4 million with 4% shares.

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What Is Larq?

Larq is a self-cleaning water bottle made with UV technology.

Why is LARQ so expensive?

Larq is a natural product, no chemicals have been used in it, the water bottle is made from UV technology. Therefore it is expansive.


Larq: Self-cleaning water bottle company based in California. This water bottle is designed from stainless steel and is selling very fast in ecommerce sites like Amazon. UK Base Chilly’s Bottled Company This is a very big competitor of Larq.