LipStix ReMix Net Worth 2021

LipStix ReMix Net Worth 2021: Hey Reader Trend Net Worth Discover LipStix ReMix Net Worth & Success Story Of Shark Tank. It is a cosmetic product that recreates lipstick without ruining it. This is a very unique product that came in the Shark Tank show which is useful for women. According to a report this LipStix ReMix net worth is approx $200k. So let us know about some more things next.

LipStix ReMix Net Worth

Success Story Of LipStix ReMix

LipStix ReMix is ​​a cosmetic brand, its founder Jill Quillin is a housewife and she runs several small businesses. A woman needs makeup, she does makeup while going out, she has lipstick from all these makeup pests.

Most women use lipstick. But the price of lipstick is very high, there are many women who could not afford it. Jill Quillin was going through this problem, so to solve this problem, she came up with the idea of ​​this LipStix ReMix.

Seeing the success of this product, he made a net profit of $6000 in the holiday. Investment is needed to grow this product, so he participated in Shark Tank to make his ideas a business.

LipStix ReMix Net Worth 2021

After some research, it has been found that LipStix ReMix Net Worth 2021 is $200k USD. If you will find more details about this product below, then you can see.

NameLipStix ReMix
Net Worth (2021)$200K *Approx
Pitchmelted lipstick
EntrepreneurJill Quillin
Asked For$105,000 for 30%
Deals$105,000 for 50%
SharkKevin Harrington, Barbara Corcoran
Monthly Income$6,000

Investors Of LipStix ReMix

The LipStix ReMix brand needs investment to grow. So for this, the founder took part in Shark Tank. Talking about the investment, Jill Quillin asked for $105,000 for her 30% share, but she got a deal of $105,000 for 50% of the share.

Monthly Income Of LipStix ReMix

LipStix ReMix is ​​listed on Amazon According to the reports of Amazon, it has got very good customer reviews. There are many women who are very happy with this product. The monthly sale of this product is $6000.

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This is a useful product for women, by using this product, women are saving a lot of money and at the same time giving a beautiful face. Everyone should use this product.