SoaPen Net Worth

The SoaPen is a colorful soap filled pen product. This product is made for children and has proper hygiene. SoaPen is a unique startup that makes colorful soaps to attract children. The founder got his startup participated in Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 4 and this startup has also got the funding. This SoaPen Net Worth estimated of founding is $1 million. Two college students have started this startup.

SoaPen Net Worth 2021

SoaPen’s net worth has grown to $1 million in 2021. The products of this Bernd are being sold on Amazon and their official website. This product is currently available in the market in 3 colors, its price comes in the range of $10 – $18. The investor has invested in this company in the Shark Tank television show.

Net Worth (2021)$1.0 Million *Approx
BusinessColorful Soap Filled Pen
EntrepreneurAmarat Anand And Shubham Issar
Asked For$100,000 For 10%
Deals$100,000 For 10% + $1 Royalty Until $200,000 Is Repaid
SharkNirav Tolia
Monthly Income$10,000

Who Is SoaPen Founders?

SoaPen is a soap sanitizer startup that makes colorful soap for children, which children can take to school and sanitize. This unique startup has been started by two India female students named Amarat Anand And Shubham Issar. Shubham Issar is the co-founder of this startup. He has graduated in Bachelor of Fine Arts from Parsons School of Design.

What Is SoaPen?

SoaPen is a colorful soap startup made for children. This company makes soap products that work to sanitize the hands of children. Many natural things have been mixed to make this. Very little chemical has been used in it and it comes in Green, Orange, and Blue.

Children like colorful things a lot, so children can also avoid viruses along with making a very funny face in their hands with this soap. So this startup was started in 2015 from New York City then by Indian.

Shark Tank Investors For SoaPen

Amarat Anand And Shubham Issar, founder of this colorful soap company participated in Shark Tank episode 13 episode 4 to grow their business. The business marketing strategy of this company is based on buy one and give one. If a person buys its soap, then the next one soap is donated to schools and hospitals for free. This is a very good strategy, the Investors has liked it a lot. The founder offered an amount of $100,000 in exchange for 10% of his company’s shares. Investor Nirav Tolia invested $100,000 for 10% + $1 royalty till $200,000 in this repaid in this startup.

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In season 13 of Shark Tank, this SoaPen startup is being considered as a unique startup. We hope that it can do business in a very big way going forward.