54 Thrones Net Worth

54 Thrones Butter Base is a skin care company that manufactures skin care products. There are many people who are using this product. This company develops beauty products inspired by the African theme. Most of the products of this company are made from African artisans, including Egyptian lavender, Moroccan mint butter, Ugandan vanilla, and Ethiopian honey butter. 54 Thrones Net Worth estimated $1.4 Million in 2021. In this, all the products are made from the same ingredients.

Shark Tank Net Worth 2021

54 Thrones Net Worth 2021

After this 54 Thrones got investment from Shark Tank, this company’s net worth has reached $ 1.4 million. All the beauty products of this brand are available in online market place like Amazon. The products of this brand are getting a lot of sales ever since it got funding from Shark Tank.

Name54 Thrones
Net Worth (2021)$1.4 Million *Approx
BusinessShea-Butter Based Skincare
EntrepreneurChristina Tegbe
Asked For$250,000 For 10%
Deals$250,000 For 17.5%
SharkNirav Tolia And Kevin O’Leary
Monthly Income$5,000

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Who Is 54 Thrones Founders?

54 Thrones is a beauty brand, the name of the founder of this company is Christina Tegbe. The founder has grown this product by influencing people by the name of African skin products. The founder worked as a consultant in the corporate healthcare world before starting the startup. In the present time, the founder is giving most of his time to this startup.

What Is 54 Thrones?

54 Thrones is a beauty product company that represents African beauty. This company mostly manufactures beauty products. Raw material is imported from Africa to make its product. The founder has shown the African theme of beauty in this beauty product.

Shark Tank Investors For 54 Thrones

Founder Christina was involved in Shark Tank Season 13 Episode 4 to grow her startup. After the feature, the founder offered 10% shares for $250,000 to invest his startup. Investors Nirav Tolia And Kevin O’Leary showed interest Invested $250,000 in this beauty startup at the rate of 17.5% share.

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54 Thrones is a beauty product company that has made many different products. The material of all its products is imported from Africa. The business strategy of the founder is that it has been quite successful to promote through social media influencers.