Toilet Timer Net Worth

Katamco Toilet Timer is a unique startup in the designer industry of the Greater Bloomington, Illinois area. This is a kind of unique timer which is dated for some time to spend in the toilet it emits a “poo-crastinator” sound in the toilet to make people feel that. Katamco Toilet Timer Net Worth 2021 Estimated $650k. This toilet timer is very useful for all those people who like to spend more time in the toilet.

Shark Tank Net Worth 2021

The founders of Toilet Timer are Adam Stephey And Katie Stephey, both of whom took this unique product to Shark Tank. You can give this timer as a gift to your friends, husband, wife, but it is quite funny. There are many people who are in great need of this product, although they cannot tell this to anyone. Considering the uniqueness of this product, the investors of Shark Tank have invested in this company.

Success Story Of Katamco Toilet Timer

Katamco Toilet Timer is a successful unique startup of the present time which was started in America by the founder Adam. This product is quite useful for those people who spend most of their time in the toilet, so people are showing interest in this product.

This startup started on July 2015, but a story of the founder is hidden behind starting this startup. Founder Adam Stephey has worked in a number of companies before starting his startup, he was the Production and Distribution Manager at Gun Storage Solutions.

From 2016 to 2018 she was a Cubicular Travailer in State Farm but till now she is leaving her job and running her own startup Katamco. There was a story between him and his wife behind starting his startup. When Adam was in the bathroom, his wife asked him why he was in the bathroom for so long.

But Adam did not know how long he was in the bathroom, to save the cost of this time, he started this toilet timer startup. This is a timer that tells you how long you have been in the toilet.

The unique idea of ​​the founder behind the success of this startup and the reason why he got a good investment in Shark Tank.

Katamco Toilet Timer Net Worth 2021

According to several report Katamco Toilet Timer Net Worth estimated $650k in 2021. I saw this startup is most success in feature. many people use this product in your lifestyle. this timer product sale in amazon only $14.99 many people buy this product through people are rating good and positive review.

NameToilet Timer
Net Worth (2021)$650K *Approx
PitchTime Your Bathroom Breaks
EntrepreneurAdam Stephey And Katie Stephey
Asked For$200,000 For 10%
Deals$200,000 For 25%
SharkMark Cuban
Monthly Income$6,800

Investors For Toilet Timer

Now Toilet Timer Founder Adam Stephey And Katie Stephey Going to shark tank tv show For Growing your startup. So Founder Adam Stephey Presentation Related your startup. He is offer For your company 10% Share foo $200,000 but this investor Mark Cuban Deal Sign $200,000 For 25% Share.

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This Start unique and Problem Solving Many People Buy Through AMazon Olny $14.99. I Hope In Feature Is Successful This Company.