Lit Handlers Net Worth

Lit Handlers Net Worth 2021: Lit Handlers Buna, Texas, United States base is a fun beverage coolers with a pocketed handle bag. This product is small bottle it handles cups. This is Handmade Design Pocketed Handle Bags. Lit Handlers Net Worth Estimated $480K in 2021. Its job is to make different products or drinks as hand holders so that they are properly held by the hands.

The founder of this Lit Handlers is Destiny Padgett who featured in Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 25 with a unique idea. Their product lit handlers can handle all the products like Pint Size Ice Cream, Wine Tumbler, Bottleneck, Pint Glass, Can, and Small & Medium Coffee. The product can be used with great safety through this handler. All this product is made from cotton and polyester.

What are Lit Handlers and what do they do?

Lit Handlers is a pocket handbag that handles a wide variety of products such as soft drinks, coffee, cock drinks & juices, etc., through a single cover. It gets a variety of stylish country covers that have a belt to handle. It looks very cool and stylish.

Success Story Of Lit Handlers

There is a huge contribution and struggle hidden behind the success story of Founder Destiny. Founder Destiny Padgett is a successful woman, she had lost a lot before becoming a businesswoman. He had lost his child ten weeks ago and his father was a biological patient and he committed suicide.

In the 1 year of his startup, he has faced a lot of difficulties. He has also read mental condition visits somewhere. But he started working hard to fulfill his dream and become a successful Startup. He left behind all his sorrow and pain and committed that he will financially secure his family and do something better.

In 2016, when he was working as an employee in LITcancoolers company, he got the idea to start his own business. After doing a lot of research, he started his startup Lit Handler in July 2017.

Right now he is thinking of how his startup can be grown and how it can be advertised in the coming time. He believes that he will become a big entrepreneur in the feature, so he is working very hard in today’s time.

Shark Tank Net Worth 2021

Lit Handlers Net Worth 2021

We have learned from our own knowledge that Lit Handlers Net Worth in 2021 will be an expected $480k. It is going to become a popular startup in the coming time. Somewhere there are many people who are using their product. All the products of Lit Handlers can be purchased from its official website. The price of this product comes in the range of $5 – $20.

NameLit Handlers
Net Worth (2021)$480k *Approx
PitchPocketed Handle
EntrepreneurDestiny Padgett
Asked For$200,000 For 10%
Deals$200,000 For 20%
SharkDaymond John
Monthly Income$1,000

Lit Handlers Shark Tank Update

Here Is Lit Handlers Shark Tank Update Youtube Video. In this video, you will get to know all the things about this product which has been uploaded on the official YouTube channel of ABC.

Investors For Lit Handlers

Founder Destiny Padgett went to Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 25 to fulfill his dream. Here he gave a good presentation related to this startup about his achievement and his goal. When he made an offer of $200,000 for 10% shares, Daymond John was very interested in his offer, so he invested $200,000 in 20% shares in this company.

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Lit Handlers is a very good company and this kind of stuff goes on very much in the United States. If we give our pointer, then this startup will not run in every country because why would a person spend so much for just one handler.