Today Final Jeopardy – Thursday, November 3 2022

Today the Champions Tournament of 2022 is going on in the final Jeopardy. Today’s tournament is of Quarterfinal Day 4, in which three contestants will play their name Courtney Shah, Rowan Ward and John Focht.

Right now season 39 is going on and today game is 39 in it. It will be any one of the three contestants in the episode who will become the winner.

John was very happy about this episode, because of this he had also tweeted on Twitter, he had to say.

Rowan played the Jeopardy Second Chance Tournament on 26 October and became the champion on 28 October.

Ken Jennings is the host of today’s tournament.

Today Final Jeopardy Contestant

1.Courtney Shah  Community College Instructor from Portland, Oregon
2.Rowan Ward  Chart Caller, Writer & Editor from Chicago, Illinois
3.John Focht – Software Team Lead from Originally El Paso, Texas

Today Final Jeopardy – Thursday, 3 November 2022

This is Thursday, November 3, 2022 Final Jeopardy Category Novel Locales.

Here Is The Final Round Clue: This place from a 1933 novel lies in the Valley of Blue Moon, below a peak called Karakal

Regarding this clue, the contestant will have to give the correct answer, even if the contestant reaches around the correct answer, Even then they can be win.

Correct Answer: What is Shangri-La?

Shangri-La is a fictional place in the Kunlun Mountains and was described by the English author James Hilton in 1933. It is a beautiful place, many people like to go to Shangri-La place for vacation in today’s time.

Here is the Category Of JR: A Year Ending In 2, Real-deal Rhyme Time, Newspaper & Magazines, Objects of Verse, Adverbs and Film Fight Marquee.

Courtney first started the game in the category Film Fight Marquee for 1,000. Courtney chose a different category, ‘A Year Ending in 2’ for $800, after being Re-coll out twice.

Rowan first took the game by winning $800 in this game. She then chose the category Real-Deal Rhyme Time for $1000, though no one answered it.

In this way the first round went on and after the end of the first round, the score of the contestant was.

rowan: $3,600
John: $3,000
Courtney: $2,400

Right now Rowan is running on 1st place in this round and John is running on 2nd place.

Here is the Category Of DDJR: Gotta Know Your Science, Starts With J, Biblical People, Get Down To Business, Name That Balkan Nation and A Musical Journey With Questlove.

Courtney once again introduced the Daily Double and she picked up the category ‘Starts with J’ for $1600.

All the contestants did very well in this round, but Courtney score was not good even in the first round and it is not good in the daily double round as of now.

The score is made after the daily double round.

  • John: $32,000
  • rowan: $10,800
  • Courtney: $5,200

Today Final Jeopardy

  • Courtney $5,200 – $4,200 = $1,000 ($5,000) W
  • rowan $10,800 – $399 = $10,401 ($5,000) W
  • John $32,000 – $0 = $32,000 (Semi-Finalist) W

None of the contestants gave the correct answer in the final round and they also lost some amount due to this.

  • Courtney (What is the Big Valley?)
  • rowan (What is Brigadoon???)
  • John (What is Xanadu?)

player statistics

John played very well in this episode and he also became the semifinalist, for this he gave 23 correct, 1 incorrect answer.

Rowan came in second position in this game and she gave total 17 correct, 2 incorrect answer.

Courtney, who was running slow from the beginning, gave a total of 9 correct, 1 incorrect answer.

Further information will be updated soon.