Courtney Shah

Courtney Shah is a contestant on the Jeopardy game show as well as an community college instructor at Lower Columbia Community College in Longview, Washington. Brian comes from the Portland Oregon and completed her graduate studies from Sunset High School.

Courtney is a contestant of this Jeopardy game show season 37 and he has been a 7 time champion in this game.

Courtney played this game for the first time in the show on 2021-06-28 and in this she became the winner with the amount of $15,400.

Courtney played her last game with Nikole Villanueva and Keshav Shah on 2021-07-07, Her Jeopardy final score was $7,000 and she also gave the correct answer in the final question.

She scored $3,400 in the first round and $6,200 in the daily double round, Because of this she could not Compete.

Courtney Shah Appeared on Jeopardy Tournament Champion

Courtney Shah has been selected in the Jeopardy Champion tournament and she is playing this quarterfinal match on Thursday, 3 November 2022.

Courtney is quite excited after being selected for one more time in this championship show.

Courtney $5,200 – $4,200 = $1,000 ($5,000) W

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Original Air Date3 November 2022
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