John Focht

John Focht is a new contestant on the Jeopardy game show as well as a software team lead.

John is the contestant of season 37 of the Jeopardy game show and he participated in this show for the first time on 2021-02-08.

In his first game, his competition was with Michael White and Leah Wiegand. He was the 4 time champion in season 37 and won the total of $103,800 + $2,000.

His last episode was on 2021-02-12, in that he played the game with Alejandra Oliva and Lance St. Laurent.

He scored $5,600 in the first round of the episode and $16,000 in the daily double round. Due to the wrong answer in the final Jeopardy, he had to lose -$9,000.

John Focht
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John Focht Appeared on Jeopardy Tournament Champion

John got another invitation at this Jeopardy game show and he is playing the tournament on thursday, 3rd November 2022.

John is looking quite excited about this episode, which is known by watching his tweet.

John $32,000 – $0 = $32,000 (Semi-Finalist) W

John (What is Xanadu?)

Original Air Date3 November 2022
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