Dyno Safe Net Worth

Dyno Safe Net Worth 2021: Dyno Safe is a lockbox that works as original climate-controlled, smart home-enabled, and provides excellent customer service. Dyno Safe is a unique startup of America and this startup was started by the founders Rebecca Romanucci and Eric Romanucci. This startup has been featured in Shark Tank season 12 episode 19 and he has also become the winner. Going forward, this startup is going to become Millionaire Value. Dyno Safe Net Worth Estimated $600K In 2021. Next, we find out some more information about this startup. So let’s know.

This temperature-controlled service has been provided to people for a long time. When it was featured in Shark Tank, its sales increased further. This smart refrigerated lockbox is designed to deliver the goods at home, which is too easy.

Dyno Safe Net Worth

Success Story Of Dyno Safe

Dyno Safe is an American startup that was started in 2016 by Founder Rebecca Romanucci and its Co-Founder Eric Romanucci. Before starting his startup, the founder has done many jobs such as nurses and minor jobs.

Rebecca was very fond of startups, so she started the first startup medical business and became its CEO. This business was expanded to many places. After this, he started his new startup Dynosafe and it has become a unique startup, people are liking it very much. Going forward, this startup is going to become a unicorn.

He saw an important problem before starting this startup. That when a product or medicine related to online heath is delivered, its temperature is not taken care of.

Dyno Safe Net Worth 2021

A Reports Under Dyno Safe Net Worth It Is $600k In 2021. This business has started recently, seeing a big problem, it is definitely going to become a very big business going forward.

NameDyno Safe
Net Worth (2021)$600K *Approx
Pitchtemperature-controlled porch safe
EntrepreneurRebecca Romanucci and Eric Romanucci
Asked For$150,000 for 15%
Deals$ 150,000 for 25% two seats on the board of directors and one for Mark Cuban
SharkRobert Herjavec
Monthly IncomeNot Know

Investors For Dyno Safe

Dyno Safe Has Found an Investor It featured in Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 19 and has remained quite popular on the internet in recent times. The founder offered $150,000 on 15% shares in the show, but Robert Herjavec got a $150,000 deal for 25% shares. The deal also includes two seats on the board of directors — one for Him and Mark Cuban.

Monthly Income Of Dyno Safe

Its pre-order is going on on the official website of Dyno Safe. We think this product will be sold for approximately $800 – $1000. No information about its monthly sale has been revealed by the founder.

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