Byoot Swimsuits Net Worth

Byoot Swimsuits is a small American base swimsuit manufacturer launched in 2019 by the founders Elyce Billany And Nathan Billany. This product is for swimmers, many swimmers use this product. Byoot Swimsuits Net Worth Estimated $250,000 in 2021. This startup has been featured in season 12 episode 14 of Shark Tank.

Byoot Swimsuits Net Worth 2021

According to a report, Byoot Swimsuits Net Worth is estimated to be $250,000 in 2021. The founder took his business for founding in season 12 episode 14 and was offered $50,000 in 30% shares. This business is going to grow a lot in the coming time.

NameByoot Swimsuits
Net Worth (2021)$250,000 *Approx
BusinessSwimsuits Made For Easy Bathroom Access
EntrepreneurElyce Billany And Nathan Billany
Asked For$50,000 For 30%
Deals$50,0000 Loan At 10% Interest + 5% Equity
SharkKendra Scott
Monthly Income$250,000 *Approx

Investors For Byoot Swimsuits

The founders of Swim Custom, Elyce Billany And Nathan Billany had even joined Shark to invest in Shark in their company. The founder offered the investor to invest $50,000 in 30% of his company’s shares. Investor Kendra Scott has invested in this company a $50,0000 loan with 10% interest + 5% equity in this company.

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Byoot Swimsuits Net Worth is growing very well, we think its feature might be very interesting going forward. If the founder is able to market this business well, then he will be able to become a very big business ahead.