Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us. How do we keep your privacy data and how do we not share all the information given by you. All this information has been told to you below the Privacy Policy List.

  • We will ensure to collect your personal information for which it is being taken.
  • Till this personification information is not used when it does not come under the purview of law. It is used if it is needed on a deficient condition.
  • For this purpose, we are making your personal information which helps you completely.
  • What personal data should be used for the purpose for which it is needed.
  • We will fully access personal information. We keep strict security for your information so that no tax will be lost.
  • We will share all the things related to personal information and some facts related to the policy with the customers.
  • We will protect your personal information through these principles so that there is no loss of any kind to you.