Final Jeopardy Today – Monday, April 26, 2021

Today’s Final Jeopardy Today April 26 2021 – Monday Final Jeopardy April 26 2021 Answers & Questions – So Hey Friends, Jeopardy’s “Season 37, Game 151 4/26/2021” has been released once again after 2 days. So through this article, we will tell you the right information about the “Final Jeopardy 4/26/2021 Answers” here today. There are many people who have not received any information about this episode of today. To take their information a step further, we have written in this post about the “Final Jeopardy Questions April 26 2021“.

Guess’ This new episode of today is going to be remembered for you guys. Because you saw in the last episode that Kelly Donohue has become a winner once. Now we will know whether she becomes a winner in Jeopardy 4/26/2021 Episode or not.

People have the most problem where they can watch this game show. For them, the news is that this television game show will be telecasted on Netflix from now on.

We got the response of some people and we felt that most people want to know about Today’s Jeopardy 4/26/21. Taking care of the wishes of the people, we will definitely fulfill their needs. In this post we will talk about the Final Jeopardy Questions 4/26/2021 Tonight.

Final Jeopardy Today – Monday, April 26, 2021

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26 April Jeopardy Contestant’s:

1.LYRKA LAWLER, – Big Rock, Illinois
2.NICK ARCIERO, – Originally Mounds View, Minnesota
3.KELLY DONOHUE, – Winthrop, Massachusetts (2-Day Winnings $48,000)



Final Jeopardy Today Answers – Monday, April 26, 2021

(in the category City Origin Stories for MondayApril 26, 2021 (Season 37, Game 151):

Final Jeopardy Questions April 26 2021 Tonight:

Here Is JP Themes

The mythical founder Byzas consulted the Oracle of Delphi before establishing what’s now known as this city

Final Jeopardy Answers 26 April 2021 Tonight Right:

Here Is JP Question Answer


Correct response: What is Istanbul, Turkey?

Final Jeopardy Winner Today Results:

Here 1st FJ Winner

Kelly – WINNER (Right FJ)

Here 2nd FJ Winner

Lyrka – Second Place (Wrong)

Here 3rd FJ Winner

Nick – Third Place (Wrong)

CreditJeopardy Official Website

How Much Net Worth Jeopardy Contestant?


KELLY is a Bank Examiner living in Winthrop, Massachusetts.

KELLY DONOHUE Net Worth 2021$172K *Approx
Salary in 2021$10.2K – $24 Per Month *Approx


LYRKA is a Digital Media Specialist who lives in Big Rock, Illinois.

LYRKA LAWLER Net Worth 2021$115K *Approx
Salary in 2021$5K – $20K Per Month *Approx


Nick is a Writers Assistant living in Originally Mounds View, Minnesota.

NICK ARCIERO Net Worth 2021$170K *Approx
Salary in 2021$10K – $21K Per Month *Approx

Who won Jeopardy Tonight April 26 2021? (Monday)

I know that many people are still who won Jeopardy Tonight April 26 2021? Want to know about. We have already told you about the episode of Monday.

Final JP Clue Today:

These Green Mountains Clue($200)
“Where the Columbines Grow” Clue($400)
“Rocky Top” Clue($600)

This article will help you to know about today’s new episode winner.