Today Final Jeopardy – Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Who Won Jeopardy Tonight October 13 2021

Today Final Jeopardy October 13, 2021, & Recap Today Wednesday Tonight Winners Results on October 13, 2021, Final Jeopardy Question October 13, 2021: Guess you’re welcome to the new episode of the Jeopardy game show that you wanted to know about. In this article, we will give you complete information about Jeopardy Season 38, Game 23 What is this? On 13/10/21. You will also get information about a popular topic of this game show Final Jeopardy Questions on October 13, 2021. So let’s start with the information of a new episode.

Jeopardy Game Show is an entertainment medium to freshen the mind and keep the people updated about the latest information of the world. This television game show is a very good source of knowledge in today’s time. We have seen that a lot of positive things happen on the internet regarding this show. If you haven’t seen this game show yet, then definitely watch the episode of Today’s Jeopardy 10/13/2021.

Actor Jonathan Fisher has also been a winner in his second episode, he has earned $51,700 in his 2 days. Jonathan Fisher who defeated $1.5 million winner Matt. Today, the talented person Bilal Ali and Mary Garvey are going to compete with Jonathan, they have a lot of knowledge. let’s see Who Won Jeopardy Tonight October 13 2021.

If you want information about Today’s Jeopardy Tonight October 13, 2021, then we have given complete information about it below. Guess whatever information we have come to know, we have told that information, we will keep updating it with time.

Jeopardy October 13 Contestant’s:

1.Mary Garvey – Pastor form Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
2.Bilal Ali – Product Manager from Seattle, Washington
3.Jonathan Fisher – Actor form Originally Coral Gables, Florida (1-day total: $51,700)



Today Final Jeopardy – Wednesday, October 13 2021

(in the category Sports Legends for WednesdayOctober 13, 2021 ) (Season 38, Game 23)

Final Jeopardy Questions October 13 2021 Tonight:

Here Is JP Themes

When Johnny Bench broke his record, this man wrote, “I always thought the record would stand until it was broken”

Final Jeopardy Answers 13 October 2021 Tonight Right:

Here Is JP Question Answer

Correct response: Who is Yogi Berra?

Final Jeopardy Winner Today Results:


  • Jonathan $15,800 + $2,500 = $18,300 (3-day total: $70,000) – WINNER (Right FJ)
  • Mary $15,900 – Second Place (Wrong)
  • Bilal $10,795 – Third Place (Wrong)

Final JP Clue Today:

An extra trap for a rabbit relative Clue$400
limit on a pants tariff Clue$800
A frightening sprite Clue$1200
removed facial hair Clue$200

Source/Credit: Jeopardy

Jonathan Fisher Own Jeopardy Tonight List

DayWinning Amounts
1total: $29,200
2total: $51,700

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