Today Final Jeopardy – Monday, June 28 2021


People love to know about Today Final Jeopardy June 28 2021 & Recap Today Monday Tonight Winners Results June 28 2021, Final Jeopardy Question June 28 2021. Every day many people visit our website to Will know about “Jeopardy Season 37, Game 197 What is this? 28/6/2021″. We try that people give the correct answer to this “Final Jeopardy Questions June 28 2021”.

In today’s time there is no one who does not know the name of Jeopardy game show. This game was started a long time ago but due to its unique concept, it became popular. Today’s Jeopardy 6/28/2021 The show is being loved by people as much as it was before.

In the last episode, Trend Net Worth covered the winner of Austin Weiss, who lives in San Diego, California. Austin became the 1st winner by bit Arman in the same episode and lived the winner amount of $12,900.

Monday is the first day of this week, this day is special for people because on two days this show was closed and today it is open. Everyone is eyeing Today’s Jeopardy Tonight June 28 2021 episode to see when the show will release and watch it. In this post you have been told about today’s winner.

Jeopardy June 28 Contestant’s:

1.SPENCER PACE – Originally Boston, Massachusetts
2.COURTNEY SHAH – Portland, Oregon
3.Austin Weiss – San Diego, California (1-Day Winnings $12,900)

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Today Final Jeopardy – Monday, June 28, 2021

(in the category Monarchies for MondayJune 28, 2021 (Season 37, Game 197)

Final Jeopardy Questions June 28 2021 Tonight:

Here Is JP Themes

The future Charles I suddenly became next in line to the throne of Austria in this year

Final Jeopardy Answers 28 June 2021 Tonight Right:

Here Is JP Question Answer

Correct response: What is 1914?

Final Jeopardy Winner Today Results:


  • Courtney $15,400 – WINNER (Right FJ)
  • Austin $10,700 – Second Place (Wrong)
  • Spencer $1 – Third Place (Wrong)

Final JP Clue Today:

3 astronauts are marooned Clue$400
This Englishwoman’s novella “The Lifted Veil”  Clue$800
Thomas Mann wrote a 1903 novella  Clue$1200
Melville House Press offers  Clue$1600

Credit: Jeopardy

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