Today Final Jeopardy – Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Today Final Jeopardy August 18, 2021, & Recap Today Wednesday Tonight Winners Results on August 18, 2021, Final Jeopardy Question August 18, 2021: How are you friends once more we have brought this post for you with a unique information about Jeopardy Season 37, Game 233 What is this? On 18/8/2021. In this we will inform you about many new things as well as we will tell about the Final Jeopardy Questions on August 18, 2021. So let’s know the correct and true information of this episode.

There are many people who have been watching the Jeopardy show for a long time, although this show has been kept closed now due to some reason. You will be happy to know that this show has been kept closed for only a few days, after some time a new episode of this show will be released. Till then keep watching our old game show Today’s Jeopardy 8/18/2021.

If you have been watching this show every day, then you would know that he is playing a 3rd highest winning person in the show. The name of this genius singer is Matt Amodio, who is a PhD student, he has defeated Ache Ache through his knowledge. Matt Amodio has played 20 episodes and in this episode he has won $604,391 amount and is still going to play today.

We hope you are enjoying this information, so we have told about Today’s Jeopardy Tonight August 18, 2021 through this post. In this, today’s new information has been well explained, so that if you can understand this information, then scroll down the page to see this information.

Jeopardy August 18 Contestant’s:

1.Lateefah Torrence – New York, New York
2.Richard Johnson – Washington, D.C
3.Kevin Martin – Bowling Green, Ohio (1-day total: $17,800)



Today Final Jeopardy – Wednesday, August 18 2021

(in the category Men of Medicine for WednesdayAugust 18, 2021 (Season 37, Game 233)

Final Jeopardy Questions August 18 2021 Tonight:

Here Is JP Themes

After giving birth in Paris, American Marjorie Karmel wrote “Thank You” him & co-founded an organization now

Final Jeopardy Answers 18 August 2021 Tonight Right:

Here Is JP Question Answer

Correct response: Who is Fernand Lamaze?

Final Jeopardy Winner Today Results:


  • Richard $16,300 (1-day total: $16,300) – WINNER (Right FJ)
  • Lateefah $8,000 – Second Place (Wrong)
  • Kevin $2,200 – Third Place (Wrong)

Final JP Clue Today:

hungry German shepherd Clue$200
the birds chowing down Clue$400
Playing bridge Clue$600

Source/Credit: Jeopardy

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