Jada Spices Net Worth

Jada Spices Net Worth 2021: Jada Spices: Chicken Salt is a nutritional production company based in the United States, the founder of this company is Khasha Touloei who is a doctor. Jada Spices is a vegan food alternative. This company has made this salt for vegan people, although anyone can eat it. Jada Spices Net Worth Estimated $1.2 Million in 2021. The founder has also certified this food for its GMO-free and Kosher so that people know that this food is natural.

This product is very tasty and natural, so it contains chicken salt as well as you get 5 types of variety in it Turmeric Salt, Plant-Based Porkless Mix, Plant-Based Chick’n Mix, and Mediterranean. There is a variety of this product for every person, you will find your favorite food salt in it. There are many people who are buying this product through Amazon and its official website.

Success Story Of Jada Spices: Chicken Salt

Jada Spices Company was started by the founder Dr.Khasha Touloei, who is a popular doctor. There are many factors behind the success of this product. Its founder is a doctor, in 2012 he completed his medical degree from the College of Osteopathic Medicine, California. Many media channels of the United States have covered his success. He has saved the lives of many people in the pandemic time.

Before starting Jada Spices Chicken Salt, the founder noticed that there were many people who come to his clinic. But one thing was common among these people that they were struggling with blood pressure.

He did a lot of research before starting his startup and came to know that most of the individual people go to the restaurant for food. The food in every restaurant is mostly not right, people get sick more than once. So seeing this thing, he got the idea to make this product. That’s why he started this company with his friends Maynard Okereke.

Jada Spices Net Worth 2021

Due to some media reports, it has been learned that Jada Spices Net Worth 2021 is estimated at $1.2 million. In the beginning of the startup, after getting the funding from the show of Shark Tank, today he is running his business with a good investment. All the products of this company are available on Amazon and the price range of this product comes up to $15 – $55.

NameJada Spices: Chicken Salt
Net Worth (2021)$1.2 Million *Approx
PitchVegan Chicken Salt And Spices
EntrepreneurDr.Khasha Touloei And Maynard Okereke
Asked For$250,000 For 20%
Deals$250,000 For 33%
SharkBarbara Corcoran
Monthly Income$1,000

Investors For Jada Spices

The founder went to Shark Tank Season 12 Episode 4 to grow his company and here he gave a very good presentation. In his presentation, he told about the good benefits of more spices so that the investor would like it. Founder Khasha Touloei asked for $250,000 in exchange for 20% of his company’s shares. In exchange for his offer, investor Barbara Corcoran signed a $250,000 deal for 33% shares.

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This Jade Spice startup has got investment and people are liking a lot of its products on Amazon. We hope this startup can become a billionaire in the future.